Read and Release Program

Not every copy of TFL we send to bookstores is sold (I know - shocking, right?). Some issues return to us in perfect condition, and we are able to send them right back out into the world. Some barely survive the return trip and end up tossed in a box in the corner of the office.

Now that the box is full, and because we are unable to recycle the issues (the package may be a little worn, but the stories are still good), we've decided to give them away and let you decide their fates.

Send us your address, and we'll send you an old copy of TFL. After you've read the issue, we ask that you send it to someone else, or drop it off in a doctor's office or airport or subway or . . . you get the idea.

Each Read and Release issue will have a sticker on the inside front cover. When you are ready to release it, write when and where you set it free. Someday, an issue may make its way home, and we'd love to see where it's been.

Of course, you are more than welcome to toss it in the recycling bin - we just can't bear to do it ourselves.


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