The 6th First Line Contest Winners

After sifting through more than 1,000 entries, we're excited to announce the winners of the 6th first line contest and the 2016 first lines:

Spring 2016: "Unfortunately, there is no mistake," she said, closing the file.
- Julia Offen

Summer 2016: By the fifteenth month of the drought, the lake no longer held her secrets.
- Julie Thi Underhill

Fall 2016: Mrs. Morrison was too busy to die.
- Victoria Phelps

Winter 2016: In the six years I spent tracking David Addley, it never occurred to me that he didn't exist.
- Aysha Akhtar

But wait, there's more. We felt several sentences that were submitted as first lines would have made great last lines, and since we needed a last line for the third issue of The Last Line, we decided to pick one more sentence. We chose the following to be the last line for the 2016 issue:

Issue 3 of The Last Line:
It was hard to accept that from now on everyone would look at her differently.
- Adele Gammon

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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